Plant Pathology

  • For Gray leaf spot (GLS) disease the resistant/tolerant varieties are; Manakamana-1, Deuti, Manakamana-5, Manakamana-6 (for mid-hills) & Ganesh-1 & Ganesh-2 (for high hills)
  • Rampur Composite (Thai Comp. x Suwan-1) & Sarlahi Seto (Philippines DMR-2)- released in 1975 for Downy mildew resistant.
  • Manakamana-1- was developed for source population for northern leaf blight disease resistant/tolerant
  • For head smut- Tilt (propiconazole) or Bayleton (triademeform) @ 2 g/kg seed has been found effective for the control of disease
  • Seed treatment with Apron 35 SD (metalaxyl) @ 3 gm a.i./kg seed was found most effective for the control of downy mildew
  • For foliar & cob rot diseases various fungicides such as Dithane M-45 (mancozeb), Dithane Z-78 (zineb), Fytolan or Blitox-50 (copper oxychloride) & Bavistan were found effective.
  • For BLSB disease- Tilt (propiconazole) 25% EC @ 1ml/lit. of water was found effective.
  • For head smut late planting (June 12) of maize at Khumaltar reduced the head smut incidence compared to early planting (May 8)
  • For common rust the disease was lowered if the crop was sown during mid April & early May than that sown after mid May
  • For GLS early planting of maize in hills (before May 15) escaped for disease incidence
  • For BLSB disease, stripping of lower leaf & sheath reduced upward growth of disease